Residential Roofing

David Stewart Roofing utilises only the top quality materials at the best prices. There is a large selection of colours and formats to choose from that will ensure you get the best look for your home, while staying on budget.

We know that a roof is a big investment. David Stewart Roofing is here to guide you in the process and to deliver you a roof built to meet manufacturer's standards.

The materials we use

All of our roofs are protected with quality underlayment, ice and water shield, and synthetic paper. The brands we use include GAF Timberline HD, Owens Corning Duration, CertainTeed Landmark, and CRC Builtmore. We also do traditional three tab shingles.

Safety and Quality

Our shingles are installed according to regulations and as per manufactor instructions. Safety is a top-priority for our workers and your family. We are fully insured and provide in-depth training to our employees to maintain a high-quality work environment.
Roofing can be expensive, and this is why David Stewart Roofing is here to guide you to pick the best roof for your home, while staying in your budget. Our roofing experts can help you determine the best shingles and color to achieve an esthetic look for your home.

Roof Repairs & Replacement

A good roof acts as a protective barrier to protect your house's structure and internal components (such as your attic and drywall) to keep them dry and free of damage.

When does a roof need repairs?

Roof repairs are needed if you observe shingle damage caused by tree, wind, rain, and age. A roof that leaks can damage the interior of your home and needs to be adressed and remedied as soon as possible to prevent further cost and damage.
If you roof is older than 10 to 15 years, it's best to call a professional to get it assessed to ensure that it is still in working order.

Roof repair VS roof replacement

A roof replacement constitutes of removing all existing shingles and underlayments to replace them with new materials.

Roof repairs range from small repairs to replacing sections of your roof. Roof repairs can be a cost effective way to mainting your roofing system without having to replace the whole roof.

What are the dangers of having a damaged roof?

A good roof keeps water and other elements from damaging the underlining structure and interior of your home and prevent costly repairs. Leaks can lead problems such as rot, mould, drywall damage, rotten trusses, and attic insulation becoming wet.
Replacing or repairing your roof will help keep your home a safe place to be.

Snow Removal

Having too much snow on your roof can add unecessary weight to your structure. If you have snow buildup on your roof, give us a call and get it cleared.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters routinely get clogged with leaves, branches, bird nests etc. Gutter cleaning can be a strenuous DIY job, and we are happy to come remove debris to ensure your gutter system functioning properly.


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